I need new...Hunt vol2.0

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Those Of With Curious Minds!

We have a new comer Blogger(Melisa Dexler)!!! We welcome you to the team! For all you hunters out there who still have a curious eye! here are some more post for a better idea of what is around the grid up for grabs in the INN Hunt!Check out the latest posts from Melisa Dexler and Dreamer Pixelmaid! And if you are looking for other cool and unique items click our blogger sites located to the right of you in the BLOGGER ROLL! 
Happy Hunting
Your INN Team

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Teaser For The Ladies

Heya, all hope you all are enjoying the hunt so far, and you have found some really nice items through out the hunt. If you have not gotten around to the hunt and you want to know some of the items provided during the hunt  please feel free to pop on over to our blogger roll and take your pick from our awesome blogger team! also click HERE for all thing I.N.N. located on this blog!Aslo Check out Miss Dreamer Pixelmaid's newest post of some of the items featured through out the hunt! Happy Hunting!!! 
Your INN Team

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Days of the Hunt...little Review

Hello dear Hunters and Designers,

Today I'd like to thank all of you personally that the I need new...Hunt 2.0 started that well. I know we were late but isn't there a saying like 'good things take time'?
Hahaha anyway even with the little Delays here and there I recognized the Hunters and Designers are excited just as I was BEFORE it started.
So there is nothing left to say but two Things... (LOL - ya I'm a Woman we always have still something to tell)

1st. We will update the Hints and SLURLs -if necessary- on the seperate Page we already published ("I need new... Vol. 2.0 Hunt - The Hints" on the Bar above the Posts)
2nd. If you are a Blogger and posted about the Hunt feel free to send us the direct Link to this Post and we will gladly publish it here. Or join the flickr Group and share your Shoots there!

That's all for now, but be sure you wont get rid of me xD

Cya around ^_^

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Once Again...Blogger Mania!

Ok Guys and Girls here are some new posts done for you to give you some more idea of what else is in the hunt! All you gotta do is follow the Links:

Thanks, Your INN TEAM!!

P.S. Want more examples look back in later posts, also go to the side bar and click on our awesome Bloggers links!

And The Blogger Mania Continues!!

Dreamer Pixelmaid and Carson Caiben Have been busy keeping us up to date with the various items you will see through out the hunt!! If you see them in world send them a thanks for keeping you up to date and informed on the items out and about provided for your hunting pleasure!
And a reminder the hint list is up! Look for it in the tabs at the top of the page! As well check out some of our previous posts for examples of what you will see during the hunt! And don't be afraid to check out all our blogger pages for more awesome items available for you in world!
Thanks, Your INN Team!

I need new...Hunt vol2.0...more Teasers

Hey dear Hunters,

you might be on your way already but probably didnt take the chance to peek in your boxes, so here some more Sneak Previews what you will get in your Hunting Backpacks.
Many Thanks for some Home Decors go to Roseheaven Designs, HC Creations, EDesign, Fishing Touching, BagLady Designs, Evilykoot, Comfy Within, Papillon Design and some more not displayed up there :D

Also you will find some Partner, Couple or unisex Items along your way through the INN-Stores, donated by Creators from Holly's Market, Ali Couture, Coca & Wolf, Lepidoptera, Purple Poses, Krea, Serenity in the Sun and Oomph!

Besides Clothing, Poses and Home Decor you will also find Accessoirs, Jewls, Tats, Skins, Shoes and so much more from great Designers like Zibka, Jinx, Cubesphere, Killa Skins, Pixel Barbie, Moulliez, Kristica, All Style Design, Lashware, Phoebe and KA.

And like it almost affects every Hunt...there are a few more Items for the Ladies. From cute over classy to sexy...Sakide, Divalicious, Kennedy's, Has Been, Artic Storm, Fame.less, Pekas Design, American Bazaar, Erotique Designs, B!asta, Abia Capalini Design and The Family Jewls provide something for every kind :D

Big Thanks to ALL Designers who are Part of the I need new...Hunt 2.0 and to all Hunters happy Hunting. Enjoy!

The INN-Team

Saturday, October 1, 2011

INN Vol. 2.0 HUNT Hints and SLURLs

Hey dear Hunters,

I know we let you wait a looong time but finally we can start the
I need new...Hunt 2.0.
We have gathered about 90 Designers and this is a much bigger Hunt than the first one, so please bear with us, if some Items are not ready yet. We are aware of it and will hopefully get it all done within the next hours.
But for now "ready....steady....go" :D
Here are the Hints and the SLURLs in case you cant find an item just skip it and go to the next number.

Everyone lots of fun and use the inworld group if you want to hunt with others ;) but please be nice and keep the Hunting fun, dont tell detailed hideouts or even exact locations.


Your INN-Team

1. "bow ties go well with this pretty suit"

2. Don't you just love to frame the prettiest of things?

3. star button

4. I wash my hands in innocence (look in the bathroom)!

5. "Every girl ALWAYS needs new heels!"

6. The bow suits a woman's hair

7. I wear this jacket at night..brr

8. please SKIP

9. please SKIP

10. Dont fall when you scan the ceiling... ;)

11. "a dot needs always a bow" xD

12. bow meets heart

13. "Does that ad poster look right to you?"

14. More precious than gold, clearer than diamonds; source of life, it is told, and the purveyor of legends

15. The item is hidden in a Classy place behind the Inn Kiosk

16. Look into my eyes, let me hypnotise you into seeing what i see.

17. Look over your nose!

18. please SKIP

19. Running around and looking up.....

20. u must search the bow at the wall

21. Charlotte has this gift

22. "lady in pink"

23A. "Oh noes, chubby ate it!" (for girls)
23B. Chill by the pool (for guys)
23C. Wash your hair (for everyone)

24. "Cup of tea?"

26. no hint provided

27. "Best to go WALKING throught the GESTURES"

28. Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to get an updated hint!

29. These boots are made for walking...Damn I need new boots these hurt my feet!

30. "sit on your butt and look up"

31. I love halloween

32. Even birdies look pretty with a bow in their hair!

33. Where the VIP's go

34. I'm dressed for a night in the town as I wave in the breeze.

35. The more the merrier, the more mean i go lower!!!

36. fountains are a great way to stay cool

37. "Fear And Near, Time And Soul, Yet Remembers Of Only Fire"

38. Illuminated

39. Lay yourself to rest

40.. Who pinned the bow on the toy bodyguards?

41. ".... and the eyes have it!"

42. A Flamingo here, a Flamingo there, your gift should be there!

43. "feeling artistic???"

44. Look how pretty my tail is!

45. oooh....its a zebra xD

46. i need new! and new! and new!

47. "Love shine stuff"

48. Men's : With the fall season comes spiders! Help me with these cobwebs!

59. please SKIP

60. Down the way up.

61. What's black and white and red all over

62. I't great to relax

63. Draw the curtains!

64. "Take a seat, have a cup of coffee"

65. *I wish I may .. I wish I might *

66. Balloons and bows make great bedfellows, but remember, balloons fly up high!

67. That's a BIG bed!

68. Look toward the past, the flickering light guides you.

69. I like those Ball Chairs

70. "I love piercings"

71. If you find a pink sofa .... There you will find me

72. Hanging on the news

73. Check the hint giver behind the dinosaur's butt.

74. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

75. no hint provided

76. I wonder over the windows.

77. Sittin' On My Sofa

78. "....if you need information ... can be good..."

79. Four Angel .....

80. You don't have to go to Brasil you can just come to WafflerZ

81. you wanna be all business and get all EXECUTIVE ON ME?

82. When the clock is fly you find all.

83. dress tattoo

84. Look inside the Cube

85. Maybe I should use a ribbon ...it looks great with the red dress material...

86. Try your Luck.

87. Sit down to warm hands.

88. "Where is the second door?"

89. What is red and smells sweet?

90. Everything feels Forever with you

91. Do you Like Chess?

Another Round OF BLOGGER MANIA!!

Heya, we hope you are enjoying the hunt as it begins to kick off. The Hint list will be published at a set time, so please be patient as we make sure all things are running smoothly for all you hunters! but in the mean time how about checking out some of the items available during the hunt? Check out Teyara Mayo and Dreamer Pixelmaid blog posts! and if you have not yet had your fill of blogger mania look to your right for all the blogger mania you can handle!!
Thanks, Your INN Team!


Curious about the items in the hunt? well got a few more posts for you to take a quick look at!check out, Kjara Palmira and  Carson Caiben latest posts about the very special items provided for you, through out the grid!
Thanks, Your INN Team!!

Another Sneak Peek !!!

Thanks to ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳKiara Avoraҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ (kjara.palmira) for blogging for INN Hunt Vol. 2.0 the stores as well as the INN Team really appreciate it! And on another note, Hunters have not had enough of the Teasers yet? Well hop on over to ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳKiara Avoraҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ's blog and look to see what other items are in store for you!
Also you like what you see on these posts? Check out our Bloggers other posts! Look for INN BLOGGERS on your right hand side Just Click and GO!
Thanks, Your INN TEAM